Edwin Espinal Bail Hearing

Source -Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor site.

We have been supportively following the unjust arrest and incarceration of Edwin Espinal in La Tolva maximum- security prison in Honduras six months ago. The Spring family and supporters have tirelessly travelled to the prison to try to see Edwin and have pleaded the case of Edwin and other political prisoners to many officials and politicians.
Janet Spring is again travelling to Honduras this week. Edwin’s family were able to see him last weekend and are very upset at his physical state – he has lost more weight and is very skinny and his spirits and emotions are understandable very challenged. Prison authorities have cut back further on the starchy food portions and the water and sanitation conditions remain incomprehensively deplorable. A bail hearing for Edwin is supposed to happen this week, with a ruling around 10 days thereafter. This remains fluid, as there continues to be a total lack of following due legal process in this case, with no formal charges and a total lack of evidence and communication. The corruption and scandals of the current Hernandez government have reached such an extreme that the United States may step in and become more involved soon. Canada has much less influence in this situation.  I recently telephoned the Honduran ambassador to Canada – Sofia Cerrato Rodriquez to discuss this and demand answers. She indicated she would respond but I have not heard back from her. I will again try to speak with her this week. Please continue to support the Spring family to get Edwin and other political prisoners released. More information and contacts are found on the Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor site.