Finance and Audit Committee

Part of my commitment when elected was to form and chair the Township Finance and Audit Committee. Councillor Hanna and I and an external member (who has stepped down due to no longer being a resident) are on the committee and we meet with Director Schmidt throughout the year. We review financial reporting, internal controls, the external audit, compliance and other financial management, leading to a regular finance report to Council. We reviewed the terms of reference in our last meeting and recommend to Council that we maintain these terms of reference, as it is concluded that the committee serves a valuable function.

Budgets and Business Plan to June 30, 2017

The Springwater operating results to June 30, 2017 are tracking $398,000 over budget. Revenues are higher due to supplementary taxes from property value increases, user fees and timber sales being greater than planned and salaries and benefits expenses being lower than planned.

Midhurst Pavilion

Council approved awarding the contract for this 70” X 140” Recreational Pavilion at a cost of $270,100 plus taxes. The proposed construction is to commence November 1, 2017 with site mobilization and site preparation and a proposed completion date of January 31, 2018. Additional related costs of $123,400 include hydro, water, clearing, parking lot and boards to bring the total to under $400,000 compared to a project budget of $450,000. This will be financed by a combination of development charges, Township finance and loan, to be repaid by the Midhurst Hall Board through Midhurst community events This is great news for a long planned accomplishment – congratulations Midhurst!

Springwater Swing Proceeds

The 11th annual Springwater Golf Tournament had 118 golfers and 33 sponsorships, raising net proceeds of approximately $30,000. Council debated and concluded that the proceeds, along with remaining$10,000 balance from last year, will be allocated:

  • $3,200 to the Community Assistance Program;
  • $26,885 to Other Local Initiatives (to be determined in future); and,
  • $11,000 to physician recruitment.

Thank you to all who contributed.

County Council

I was pleased to succeed with my motion to reduce the Simcoe County 2018 budget parameter tax levy increase from 2% to 1%. County staff will use this as part of the assumptions to start to prepare the 2018 County budget.

Important Upcoming Dates and Events

September 20 – 6:30 pm Council Meeting

September 25 – 4:30 pm Special Council Meeting – Growth Plan and Official Plan

September 27 – 6:30 pm Special Council Meeting – Water and Wastewater Rate Study

September 30 – Festival at Fort Willow

September 30 – Midhurst Autumnfest

October 4 – 6:30 pm Council Meeting

October 6,7,8 – Elmvale Fall Fair

I look forward to attending all of these and seeing you there.

Enjoy the end of summer, summer. These are my thoughts and interpretations of these topics and not necessarily those of Council.





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