Further to my article about this in Deputy Don’s Update of April 19, 2018, given the disposal cost per tonne under the new contract for pet waste is the same as pet waste plus diapers, I think it would be good to see the increased diversion results from collecting both pet waste and diapers, but County Council did not support my proposed amendment regarding this.

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Beginning this October, The County of Simcoe will stop sending its curbside organics to be composted in Hamilton, and will instead begin shipping the material to the Elmira facility.

In part, the decision was made because using our Elmira plant would also allow Simcoe to add pet wastes to its curbside organics program, starting this Fall.  The Hamilton facility could not accommodate this addition. 

Simcoe is part-way through a process to design and build its own organics processing facility.  A site has been selected, and is currently going through various approvals reviews.  Until that facility is ready, Simcoe wanted to find a place to process its organics that would allow it  to expand the types of materials that it could capture.  The County also considered adding diapers and other sanitary products to its organics scope at the same time, but decided to defer this decision, in case its own future facility ended up being designed in a way that could not accommodate these materials.  (We already process diapers and related materials at our plant–Simcoe just didn’t want to try that for now).

The contract runs for 4 years, with the potential for 3 possible one-year extensions, if the County’s new facility is not yet available.  The County projects its SSO tonnage to be approximately 16,500 tonnes in 2018.

Simcoe County becomes the latest Ontario municipality to process its SSO using a biogas plant.  Most of Toronto’s organics are processed that way today.  Simcoe now joins the City of Toronto, and the Regional Municipalities of Peel and York in their use of Bio-En’s Elmira facility for contracted SSO management.

Organics delivered to our facility are used to produce much of the electricity consumed in our community, and also to make a high-quality agricultural fertilizer, licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.   Automated systems inside our plant separate and remove essentially all of the plastic, glass, and other contaminants that are routinely mixed in with SSO.  As a result, the organic product going out the back door of our plant is far cleaner than what can be produced by any composting facility.  Our fertilizer is also approved for use in Certified Organic Farming.