I have done some research about current 2018 economic statistics for Springwater compared to all of Simcoe County (Simcoe), including Barrie and Orillia, to best understand the resident segments in the Township. Springwater’s population is 20,124 compared to Simcoe of 508,463. Springwater has 7,112 households compared to 194,750 in Simcoe. For Springwater, the age span of the household maintainer is – 25-34 (9%); 35-44 (18%); 45-54 (23%); 55-64 (25%) and 65-74 (15%). The average household income is $136,080 in Springwater, with the average in Simcoe being $100,378. Households with children at home are 50% for Springwater and 44% for Simcoe.


For Springwater, the top 5 segments of population, representing 83% of the households, consist of:


Country Acres – 1,972 households (27%) representing 4,489 (22%) of Springwater population.  These are middle-aged and older couples and families earning an average income in agriculture or blue-collar professions. They are content with a rural lifestyle rather than city life.


Satellite Burbs – 1,105 households (16%) representing 3,429 (17%) of the people. These are middle-aged families and older couples living in satellite communities in outer-ring subdivisions with wooded tracts and spacious homes. One quarter have university degrees and another quarter have high school diplomas, with average income of $140,000. They enjoy the arts as well as the great outdoors.


Exurban Wonderland – 1,104 households (16%) representing 3,221 (16%) of the people. These are middle-aged families who have settled in the emerging sprawl beyond large cities. With incomes nearing $145,000, residents of these new communities tend to be prosperous professionals who like their toys: boats, RVs, snowmobiles, computers, home theatre systems and impressive collections of sporting equipment. Many enjoy outdoor activities. With a majority still raising children at home—most kids are between 5 and 20 years old—the segment scores high for family-friendly activities.


Fresh Air Families – 1,060 households (15%) representing 2,574 (13%) of the people. These neighbourhoods feature a mix of middle-aged couples and families with children ages 5 to 24 years old. While most adults have high school, trade school or college educations, these two-income households enjoy solid, upper-middle-income lifestyles with positions in public administration, construction or the trades. They own single-detached homes and 9 out of 10 commute by car to jobs. They enjoy the great outdoors, particularly fishing, boating, snowmobiling and camping.


Exurban Homesteaders – 641 households (9%) representing 2,030 (10%) of the people. These consist of middle-aged families and couples living in near-rural settings. Most of the couples earn average incomes from solid, blue-collar jobs in primary industries, manufacturing, transportation and the trades. With 83 percent owning single-family homes, many have settled in these communities for the affordable housing and laid-back lifestyle. They spend a lot of their leisure time outdoors. In this DIY-friendly segment, residents tend to work on their cars, patronize big-box hardware chains, tend their gardens and enjoy sewing and crafts.







Deputy Mayor – Don Allen

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