Between advance voting and the October 27, 2014 voting at the polls in Springwater, voter turnout of 6,475 was up 3.7% from that in 2010, to a level of 42.5% of eligible voters who voted this municipal election.

The first time of using online and telephone voting for advance voting proceeded with significant problems, including getting voter notification cards to voters late and in in some cases, not in a secure fashion. The new council will be working with the Township staff to receive and study a full report on this year’s election process and develop a plan to significantly improve the systems for the next municipal election four years from now.

Advance voting from October 20th to October 26th, resulted in approximately 2,700 votes or 18% of qualified voters.
Internet and phone voting from October 20th to and including October 27th totalled 4,096 qualified voters. This means that 63% of the total votes of 6,475 were made using the internet or phone. If this method is used again, it will need significant improvement in the security measures surrounding it.

Mayor – Of the 6,475 votes for mayor, Bill French received 3,426 (53%), Linda Collins 2,468 (38%) and Tony Guergis 581 (9%).

Deputy Mayor – Of the 6,352 votes for deputy mayor, Don Allen received 3,133 (49%), Dan McLean 2,811 (44%) and Les Stewart 408 (6%).

Ward 1 – Of the 1,244 votes for Ward 1 councillor, Katy Austin received 537 (43%), Donna Kenwell 454 (36%) and Julie Columbus 253 (20%).

Ward 2 – Of the 1,057 votes for Ward 2 councillor, Perry Ritchie received 811 (77%) and Barry McGrady 246 (23%).

Ward 3 – Of the 1,354 votes for Ward 3 councillor, Jenny Coughlin received 821 (61%) and Connie Spek 533 (39%).

Ward 4 – Sandy McConkey was acclaimed as ward 4 councillor.

Ward 5 – Of the 1,744 votes for Ward 5 councillor, Jack Hanna received 1,517 (87%) and Warren Landry 227 (13%).





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