Fact or Fiction – Council Compensation

Recent comments by the Mayor French and Councillor Hanna about certain councillors voting to maintain the pension contribution for councillors is “feeding at the public trough” and not honouring savings, are nothing but selected spin.


It’s fiction – here’s the facts

  • The adjustments agreed upon affect the future Council, not the present one. It is mandatory that existing Council review these at this time.
  • The adjustments made to the salary do not result in any increased remuneration to councillors – it makes the new net pay equal to what it is now, after the federal future tax changes are in effect.
  • The adjustments to the benefits paid will save the tax payers money and will also provide an extra $3,000 to each of the councillors over 70 years of age.
  • The internet and mileage re-imbursement will save the tax payers money.
  • The OMERS pension contribution is split between the Township and the councillor, as it has been in the past and continues to be for employees. Councillors over 70 can not be part of the pension plan. It is not unusual for senior councillors to be part of an existing pension plan already from previous careers. This component can be reviewed by a future Council and be adjusted if it so chooses.
  • This combination of these remuneration components is common for many municipalities.
  • To be competitive and have a package that will attract quality future Council candidates, I believe this reflects a fair compensation package.

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