I’ve heard rumors that you support forcing people on septic systems to hook up to the coming new sewage system in Midhurst as part of the Midhurst Secondary Plan. This greatly distresses me and  my neighbors. Please confirm or deny this rumour.


Firstly, I appreciate being asked directly the validity of the rumour.  I responded that I have never been in favour of this. My wife and I live in Midhurst and use a well and a septic system and both work fine and we want to keep using them.

Please also note – At Springwater council, I supported the  January 4, 2017 motion, which passed unanimously:

Be it resolved that this Council affirms that the existing residents in the Midhurst Settlement Area will not be required to connect or pay for any of the new infrastructure services related to the Wastewater Treatment Plant that is being constructed to service the new Midhurst Landowners Group Developments and required in the Midhurst Secondary Plan OPA38.

Further it be resolved that, unless ordered by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Township of Springwater will not require residents currently on private septic systems to connect to any new wastewater treatment system.

Hope that clears up this issue.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about issues that are important to Springwater residents.






Deputy Mayor – Don Allen

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