Fiction – Claim

Under Bill French and Don Allen’s watch, did the Midhurst growth get approved even bigger?


Here are the Facts – 

Current Springwater Council agreed unanimously that it did not want any of the extra 20,000 population allocation mandated by the Province to Simcoe County. Springwater received applications from developers for over 6,000 of additional population of this extra 20,000 population allocation and this was located in the Midhurst area. Simcoe County Council voted to abide by Springwater’s desire regarding this. The developers appealed this decision to the OMB.  Unbeknownst to Springwater, the County met with developers to present to Simcoe County a deal to accept half of the requested 6,000 population, to avoid any further action by the developers and OMB costs. This was accepted by County Council to avoid a possible “lengthy, unpredictable and very expensive legal battle, with vast and variable outcomes” according to Simcoe County Warden, Gerry Marshall. Springwater had no choice at this point but to accept this. The agreement which County reached includes planning measures that control location and pace of growth with respect to this additional population.

No other Mayor and Deputy Mayor could have achieved different results with these circumstances.


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