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Bill French’s personal issues have already cost Springwater tax payers over $87,000 in legal bills. Don Allen voted to pay for this with your taxes. When Bill and Don are gone, these expenses stop.

Here are the Facts – 

This refers to a challenge of Bill French’s 2014 election expenses, which were challenged and had to be heard by an independent Joint Compliance Audit Committee (JCAC) selected by the previous 2010-2014 Council under the Municipal Elections Act guidelines. Current Council has had no control over this committee, as it is required to be independent and neutral but, by the Act, it has had to be funded for its expenses by Springwater Township.  All of Council has been made aware of this and although not in agreement, has had to comply with the Municipal Elections Act rules to fund this exercise. The hearing has gone on for the last three and a half years and has included challenges of the process by Bill French, who initiated a judicial review application of the Committee’s powers to act in this case.  He lost this and had to pay $20,000 toward the legal costs as a result.

The legal and audit costs with respect to this have reached over $250,000 and will be closer to $300,000 before it is finalized and these have had to be paid by the Township pursuant to the  Municipal Elections Act. The JCAC has found against Bill French and referred the matter on to a Prosecutor, who has found 10 counts of election spending mis-reporting. This is scheduled to be heard in a Court hearing on November 2, 2018 to determine the penalty. Costs related to this matter will continue until it is completely finalized.

All candidates have to file a report on election expenses and this will be the case for this election campaign. If there are no challenges as a result of this process, as there was with Bill French related to the last election, then there will be no further expenses similar to this related to this election.


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