Tony Guergis claims that Bill French and Don Allen were elected in 2014 to stop or slow down the Midhurst Secondary Plan (MSP). Don Allen was party to a letter to the Midhurst landowners in 2015 confirming all MSP approvals and a promise to work “expeditiously and diligently” to help complete the MSP. – THIS IS FICTION

Here are the Facts – 

Don Allen did not run on a platform in 2014 to stop the MSP. I did run on my ability to negotiate the best outcome with respect to the MSP conditions and I will continue to accomplish this over the next four years. My over 42 years of experience as a CPA and a Trustee and Forensic Auditor provide me with the best skills and tools to complete this. The September 14, 2015 letter was drafted and signed by Mayor Bill French.

Here is the copy of the LETTER DATED 14-9-15

14-9-15 French ltr to Geranium re MSP

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