Claim РFiction 

Don Allen won as Deputy Mayor and County Councillor due to special interest group influence and knew nothing about Springwater or municipal experience.

Here are the Facts-

To make the statement that I won the last election due to a special interest group is blatantly wrong. The interest groups were very vocal in the last election. The main reason for my winning was that the majority of voters were tired of the old Council, which in their mind was not working or representing them adequately. I offered a new face with education and experience to help me in a position that needed a change.

My training and experience as a CPA, a Trustee and a Forensic Auditor, with over 41 years experience as a Partner and Office Managing Partner at Deloitte, an international professional services firm and at various executive positions in industry, has fully prepared me for the job of Deputy Mayor and Mayor. I have been involved with many committees in the past and during the last fours years, have chaired the Finance and Audit Committees in both Springwater and Simcoe County. I have been Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee and Performance Management Section at County Council. I have been involved on other committees at Springwater as well.

I have the best training and experience for the job of Mayor of any candidate and I will devote 100% of my time to that job.

Family members have lived in this Springwater for over 35 years. I live in Springwater and I will die in Springwater and what I do in between is what I will be judged on.

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