As political campaign moves forward, some will accuse other candidates of spreading rumours, lies and innuendos,  even as they are doing just that themselves.

FACT – I take the high road and do not spread rumours, lies or innuendos. I stand and will be judged by the positions I have taken and the causes I have supported during this term on Council.

I can work with anybody on Council – I don’t play favourites and don’t take sides. I can’t be bought or threatened.  If I did not have this philosophy, I couldn’t be in politics.

I hope that everyone in the campaign will take the high road – be fair, honest and conduct an above board campaign and not sink to below the belt tactics of spreading rumours and innuendos.

I have written about these in detail over the last four years in my blog at, categorized by subject/topic and these are fully able to be searched. I invite anyone to review them and contact me directly to question or discuss any aspect of them.







Deputy Mayor – Don Allen

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