There have been questions surrounding a simple solution to the removal of a person from the voters list for such instances as deaths, children who move away etc. In these circumstances, there are 2 options, share by the Township of Springwater

  1. Persons have the option of visiting the office in person to complete the appropriate form for removal of a person’s name from the voters list. This will require ID of the person making the change and changes will only be authorized by a member of the family. People are urged to contact MPAC to update their household information to ensure that the names aren’t added again in future elections. (MPAC 1-866-296-6722)
  1. Persons receiving a VIL for someone who no longer lives there, old tenants/owners, persons who are deceased may return the sealed VIL envelope to the municipal office either in person or via Canada Post with the markings of “return to sender – moved/deceased/etc” written on the front.  Once received, Clerks staff will delete these persons from the Voters List. Families should still contact MPAC to update their household information as the names will most likely be on future voters lists.

Hope this helps!






Deputy Mayor – Don Allen

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