Mayor Don’s Update January 20, 2020

Curbside Waste Collection Changes

The week after next starts our new Simcoe County curbside waste collection schedule which you have been hearing a lot about. For our zone 2 in Springwater the new schedule will work as follows:

Week of February 3: Garbage and organics green bin only
Week of February 10: Recycling and organics only

The cycle will continue to alternate each week. Please have your collectibles out by 7am each collection day.

This is a positive change which will bring consistency and predictability back to the pick-up schedules and will have long-term benefits for the environment. It will promote keeping organic material out of landfills with increased diversion into the green bin for recycling (presently 40% of the average garbage bag consists of items that should go into the green bin). It will lower greenhouse gas emissions due to fewer garbage trucks on the road each day and it will help control waste disposal contract costs.

You should have received the Simcoe 2020 waste calendar. Extra copies are available at the Simcoe Administrative Centre on Hwy 26. The Simcoe County Collects App is great to download to provide weekly reminders and other useful information. Also, sign up for collection alerts at

Some points to remember:

Green Bins Bi-Weekly

Wrap organics in paper or use certified compostable bags;
Includes bagged pet waste and wood and cedar shavings, kitty litter and paper from bird cages;
Green bin maximum weight 20 kg (44 lbs.);
Many forms of soiled paper products (including paper drink cups without the lids) are allowed in the green bin instead of in the recycle blue bin (see calendar or app for more info).

Recycle Blue Bin (bi-weekly)

Paper and containers no longer need to be separated in separate bins;
Rinse food residue and remove and include lids;
Flatten cardboard and tie in bundles (max. 75 cm X 75 cm X 20 cm);
Get your free blue bin with the voucher sent to you (while quantities last);
Extra/overflow recycling may be put in clear bags;
Includes drink cup plastic lids, aluminum plates and foil, empty paint cans with lids removed.

Garbage (bi-weekly)

Container maximum 80 L or bags 90 cm X 75 cm. Per collection – 2 untagged bag or containers and up to 6 tagged bags per collection. Maximum weight 20 kg. or 44 lbs. per container. Bag tags ($3 each) from;
Coffee disks go in garbage, even the ones labelled as compostable or recyclable;
Black plastic food bottoms go in the garbage as they cannot be processed on conveyor belts at recycle plants;
Includes plastic bags and film overwrap, toys, vacuum bags, foil and plastic wrappers, styrofoam packaging, cigarette butts, plastic corks, drinking pouches, and light bulbs.


Special days are on your calendar or app for leaf/yard waste, Christmas trees, clothing ,electronics and battery collections

Bulky collection 5 items for $40 June through September – call 800-263-3199

Skate Trail at Simcoe County Museum

This one-kilometer skating trail is now open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings 6 to 9 pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11 am to 4 pm (weather permitting 705-728-3721). It is a beautiful setting which travels around the Museum’s heritage buildings, historic equipment displays, and forest pathways,


2020 Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program (to March 31, 2020)

To prepare for the region’s aging population, Simcoe County Council approved $500,000 in annual funding towards the Age-friendly Grant Program to support eligible applicants in creating age-friendly housing by incorporating  accessible, adaptable, and inclusive designs for adults aged 60 and older that allow seniors to continue to live independently in their homes and participate in their community as long as possible. Grant amounts will be distributed based on number of applications received and ability to meet funding criteria. Examples of improvements include ramps, handrails, chair and bath lifts, height adjustments to countertops and bathroom modifications.

Grant Applications are available on-line at or contact the County of Simcoe, Age-Friendly Project Lead at (705) 726-9300 extension 1405 to receive a copy via email.

Please drop off (postmarked by the closing date for application submissions), mail, or email your completed application by March 31, 2020.

County of Simcoe

Health & Emergency Services

Attn: Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program

1110 Highway 26, Midhurst, ON L9X 1N6

(705) 726-9300 ext. 1405

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