Don’s Update – October 29, 2020 Passing of Sam Langman
It was with sadness that I learned of the passing of Sam Langman this week. Sam and his family have been involved members of our community, and residents of the area for at least five generations.
Sam was actively involved in his church, St. Johns United in Elmvale and held many positions there including teaching Sunday School for almost 40 years. He used his knowledge and experience in agriculture to
assist with the Simcoe District Cooperative Services, was President of the Simcoe County Community Energy Co-op, a former Board member of the Penetanguishene General Hospital, and a former Board member of the Simcoe County Training Board.
Sam most recently lent his talents to the Elmvale Active Seniors Residence, where he was Chairman. The goal of the Association is to establish the development of a seniors retirement complex to serve the Community of Elmvale, where resident’s lives would be enriched by living close to one another, sharing in each other’s lives and gaining strength from mutual support.
Sam will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. My condolences to his family and friends.
Halloween Safety Tips – Halloween will be a bit different this year. Families that want to be most cautious may choose to not participate in traditional Halloween activities, such as trick or treating or handing out candy and instead can celebrate with special activities in their own household. Some fun ideas could include: a virtual costume contest, candy scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving and watching scary movies.
For those who do choose to go out or hand out candy, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has shared some tips to ensure it is safe for everyone:
• Only go out with members of your direct household.
• Only trick or treat outside.
• Both trick or treaters and people handing out candy should wear
a face covering. A costume mask is not a substitute for a face covering and should not be worn over a face covering as it may make it difficult to breathe.
• Do not congregate or linger at doorsteps. Line up 6 feet apart if waiting.
• Whether collecting or handing out treats, wash your hands often and thoroughly or use hand sanitizer.
• Do not leave treats in a bucket or bowl for children to grab. Consider using tongs or other similar tools to hand out treats.
However your family decides to celebrate, we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable evening.
Waste Reduction Week
Last week was Waste Reduction Week in Canada, which is a campaign empowering all Canadians to adopt more environmentally friendly choices. Although Waste Reduction Week took place last week, it is always important to remember to make decisions which will have positive impacts on our environment. Below are some tips and reminders for reducing waste in our everyday lives:
• Rent or borrow items that you don’t use that often
• Purchase products with recycled content and consider the materials that the item is made from.
• Buy what you need. Eat what you buy. Compost the rest.
• Pack your lunch in reusable containers and avoid products that are individually packaged.
• Purchase durable products that can be repaired and reused.
• Bring your own containers or bags to the grocery store.
• Recycle in the garden by composting organics such as food
scraps, leaves and yard trimmings.
• When you have finished using a product, consider donating it to
a charity, second-hand shop or holding a yard sale.
Remember, we all have a part to play to ensure the health of our environment. Winter Parking and Maintenance Guidelines
The arrival of colder weather means it is time for some winter parking and
maintenance reminders. Parking is not permitted on roads from November 1 to March 31 between the hours of 2:00 am to 7:00 am. This is done to make snow clearing operations as efficient as possible.
We ask that you give our snowplow drivers plenty of room to do their job. They have restricted visibility in the plows and often work in challenging weather conditions. We also ask that you clear the way for them, this includes moving anything near the road such as garbage bins, metal stakes or hockey nets.
Finally, please do not move or blow snow onto or across the road, into ditches or onto neighbouring properties. This can be dangerous for several reasons including, causing drifts or ruts in the road, blocking ditches and drainage routes and also removes salt/sand from the road which can create dangerous driving conditions.
Please continue to stay safe and follow the updated COVID directives.