My Platform

Fiscal Management
Utilizing YOUR tax dollars to ensure optimal and sustainable levels of commitment and spending and keeping tax increases to a minimum. Ensuring future growth is paid by tax dollars from that growth.

Effective Leadership and Management
Empowering Council as a TEAM and working with Township and County Council to achieve optimal accomplishments for Springwater.

Engaging Youth
Working with the youth and the younger demographics of OUR Township to understand their perspective and ideas to incorporate into future strategy.

Smart Development
Working with developers to accomplish the right perspective and future results to benefit Springwater in all aspects.

Support Agriculture
Addressing the concerns, needs and issues of farmers to progress implementation of solutions to address them.

Community Development
Working with Council and Staff to achieve significant progress in various community developments within Springwater.

Planning Focus
Working with Council, Staff and County to ensure an optimal Springwater Official Plan development, in conjunction with the County Municipal Comprehensive Review and other proposed legislative changes with respect to planning.

Economic Development Initiatives
Developing and implementing substantial tangible initiatives and results to increase and attract business to Springwater.

Effective County Influence
Being actively involved as a leader within County to increase Springwater’s influence in key areas of progress affecting our Township.