Township of Springwater / December 18, 2019 – Springwater Council approved the 2020 Budget & Business Plan with a 0.25% net tax levy reduction over 2019.

When combined with the County of Simcoe approved tax increase of 2%, the education rate – which staff have assumed to remain neutral – and the policing charge, the blended tax increase is estimated at 0.57%.

For an average home in Springwater assessed at $478,826, the approved blended rate amounts to an annual increase of $22.57 over 2019 levels, or $1.88 per month.

For every tax dollar spent:

  • $0.41 is retained by the Township of Springwater
  • $0.34 goes to the County of Simcoe
  • $0.19 goes towards Education
  • $0.06 is allocated towards Policing

The budget includes expenditures of $43.9 million, which can be broken down into $20.9 million in operating expenses, $18.1 million in capital expenditures, $3.2 million for water operations and $1.6 million for wastewater operations.

“Due to increased assessment revenue in the municipality and a comprehensive review of expenditures by staff, the Township was able to slightly reduce the tax levy over 2019, while ensuring that service levels remain the same and capital projects continue to move forward,” says Mayor Don Allen. “Staff and Council spent time reviewing every aspect of the budget to ensure that the needs of the municipality are met, while taking into account the financial pressures many people are facing at home. We continue to plan for the future by including an additional 1% in the operating budget to support the rehabilitation of capital infrastructure.”

In 2020, residents will see road, traffic and infrastructure improvements throughout the Township and can expect to receive the same level of service with respect to fire and emergency services, winter road maintenance, libraries, recreation and by-law enforcement.

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