Springwater Council Agenda – June 20, 2018

4:30pm Special Council Meeting – Asset Management 101 webinar

6:30pm Regular Council Meeting

Please find the agenda  HERE with related staff reports:

  • Presentation of the Senior of the Year Award – Ms. Mary Fleming;
  • Delegation – Jodie Delgado – Update on 2018 Springwater Public Library Initiatives
  • Minutes review and approval
  • Question Period
  • Correspondence and Information Items;
  • Action Report – 2018 Development Charges Background Study & Bylaw;
  • Action Report – Council Compensation 2018-2022 Term of Council;
  • Action Report – Strategic Asset Management Policy;
  • Action Report – Award for the Supply and Installation of Clarifier Dome Covers for the Elmvale Wastewater Treatment Plant;
  • Action Report – Tower Site Lease Agreement – Point to Point Communications;
  • Action Report – Tower Site Lease Agreement – Ultrafast T1 Wireless;
  • Information Reports – Springwater Fire and Emergency Services 2017 Annual Report; OCWA’s Performance Report Card for 2017, Township of Springwater Legal Fees Breakdown; Anten Mills Drinking Water Report; Structural Assessment Report RFP results; Minor Variance T. Roberts, 32 William St., Minor Variance G. Neil, 17 Lawrence Ave.;
  • Verbal Report Updates – Official Plan, Economic Development Updates; County & Municipal Updates;
  • Notices of Motion
  • Items For Future Consideration
  • By-law approval – Development Charges By-law





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