Please find the agenda  HERE , with related staff reports:

  • Deputation – J. Mullan of Ainley Group – Midhurst Environmental Assessment (EA) Update – Presentation of Draft Environmental Study Report (ESR);
  • Minutes review and approval
  • Question Period
  • Motion – Approval of conditional offer of purchase to MNR for the Hasty Tracks property;
  • Action Report – Draft By-law – Establish and Regulate the Springwater Fire Department;
  • Action Report – Group Benefits Program Renewal;
  • Information Reports – Building permit activity; Vespra valley Estates Phase 3; Completion of Roads Needs Study; Del Trend Drinking Water System Annual Report; Education Development Charges Simcoe County District School Board and Simcoe Muskoka District School Board; Legal Fees & Annual Net Tax Levy Increases.
  • Verbal Report Updates – Official Plan, Economic Development Updates; County & Municipal Updates;
  • Motions To Which Notice Has been Given – Request that an Update Open House be held By Simcoe County consultants re the ERRC to provide responses/updates to outstanding questions from residents and agencies.
  • Notices of Motion
  • Items For Future Consideration
  • By-law approvals.






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