Thank you Springwater residents for voting and for giving me the honour of serving you as Mayor for the next four years. With your trust, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to address challenges and secure lasting improvements for Springwater.

I also acknowledge all the candidates who offer to serve their communities and seek solutions for the public good. It is not easy to put oneself out there in such a public forum, so I give credit to those with the initiative to do so.

The campaign was challenging and I acknowledge the hard work my opponents put into their campaigns. The existing Council will be in place until the swearing in of the new Council on December 5, 2018. Congratulations to this Council for the accomplishments it has made over the last four years and thank you to Bill French for leading Council during this period.

Thank you to my wonderful and tireless wife Wanda and Team Allen of loyal friends and supporters who provided opinions, feedback and a lot of hard work to help in this journey.

Thank you to the Springwater staff for going through this election process and especially Clerk Chaperon and her team for running a professional and generally smooth election. Internet and telephone voting continue to be a challenge and we will work to improve in this area.

Congratulations to Deputy Mayor Elect Jennifer Coughlin, as well as her new role as a Councillor of County Simcoe.

Congratulations to the Councillors Elect:

Acclaimed for Ward 2 – Councillor Perry Ritchie, about to enter his third term.

Ward 1 – Councillor Elect George Cabral

Ward 3 – Councillor Elect Wanda Maw-Chapman

Ward 4 – Councillor Elect Anita Moore

Ward 5 – Councillor Jack Hanna, also about to enter his third term.

School Board Trustee – Simcoe County – Peter Beacock

Moving forward, there are many tasks and initiatives that will require consideration, focus and commitment. Together, embracing Council’s ideas, thoughtfulness, civility and consideration, we will work with staff and residents to get things done.







Mayor Elect Don Allen- Leadership Driving Us Forward!

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