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Today is the final day of this municipal election. If you have voted, I thank you. If you have not, we need you and all of your eligible family members to vote by 8pm tonight (Monday October 22nd). Based on the number of votes in so far, it appears that the voter turn out might be considerably lower this election compared to the election 4 years ago, where 43% of the eligible voters turned out to vote.

I ask you to vote by internet or phone, using your voter information letters received. Alternatively, go to the polls, with picture identification, to vote between 10am and 8pm today. They are located at:

Township Office – 2231 Nursery Road

Minesing Community Centre – 2347Ronald Road

Elmvale Arena (Springwater Room) 14 George Street

Some people say the lower turn out might be because “there are no major issues this time like there were last time”. This is not the case. There are many ongoing issues that will need to be addressed, determined and decisions implemented over the next 4 years. You have heard and seen people discuss leadership in this election and what they have done in the past to make them the best candidate.

A true leader, in my opinion, is one who has training and experience in a variety of business and life skills. They have the right personality to lead by developing and implementing the best strategy with a team of people who work together to contribute constructively to achieve goals. A leader works with others to initiate ideas, involves others, develops consensus and implements action as a team. This team includes Township Council, Staff and County Council. A leader develops relationships to work with other municipalities to share best practices to be able to use in our Township. A leader consistently works hard to get things done – they roll up their sleeves and really gets involved rather than being involved superficially. A leader gives credit to those who deserve it rather than taking it all for themselves. They are consistently professional, honest, fair, open and accountable.

I suggest you consider this when you are comparing the candidates for the position of Mayor and other positions. Consider this when you look at their history and their campaign strategies and styles over the recent past. I have reviewed on my website my background, my platform, and my blog of articles I have written about Springwater and County Simcoe issues over the past 4 year, all searchable by category.

I hope you decide that Don Allen is the best choice for Mayor.

Thank you and please VOTE TODAY.





Elect Don Allen for Mayor – Leadership Driving Us Forward!

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